Michael Moore's 'Where to Invade Next': Watch the First Trailer

Where to Invade Next Press Still - H 2015
Robert D. Ward

Where to Invade Next Press Still - H 2015

The U.S. military satire had its world premiere at the 10-day Toronto International Film Festival.

The first trailer of Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next was released Thursday night.

The U.S. military satire — first unveiled by its writer-director in July after he shot the film internationally in surprising secrecy — helped kick off the Toronto International Film Festival Thursday with its world premiere at the Princess of Wales Theater.

Where to Invade Next's trailer opens with footage of the Capitol and Pentagon and the text, "January 2, 2015. A secret memo from the Pentagon was intercepted: all future invasions will be carried out by one man" before showing Moore on a boat carrying a United States flag and saying, "U.S.A. Yeah!"

Footage shows Moore traveling the globe and visiting people from different countries with a U.S. flag. "I have invaded your country to steal your great idea," the director's voice says.

The text "No casualties," "No PTSD" and "No prisoners" flashes across the screen before the trailer ends with Moore planting a U.S. flag in the living room of a couple's home and asking them, "I'm going to just plant the American flag right here in your living room. Is that OK?"

Watch the trailer below.