Michael Shannon's Hilarious Sorority Letter Reading Delights Pal Jeff Nichols (Video)

Michael Shannon Funny Or Die - H 2013

Michael Shannon Funny Or Die - H 2013

The "Take Shelter" star delighted the internet on Monday with his dramatic recital of the super viral screed written by an angry college student.

Jeff Nichols has a bead on Michael Shannon.

The 34-year old Mud director is close friends with the actor, who has appeared in all three of his films (and played the leading role in two, including 2011's Take Shelter). So when Shannon's Funny or Die-produced recital of the insane and insanely viral inter-sorority letter hit the web, Nichols was all over it -- even though he was in the middle of interviews for his upcoming Matthew McConaughy-led film.

As the director sat down to talk with THR, he had just watched Shannon give his violently funny riff on the expletive-laden combustion engine of Greek system stereotypes.

"It's hilarious," Nichols laughed. "I hadn't read that letter. He's a really funny guy."

Then, Nichols amended, "But it's a very specific kind of humor.

Shannon has a small role in Mud, as a womanizing pearl diver on the rural Mississippi, exuding charm and drawing laughs along the way. With that small step out of the way, Nichols mused, "One day maybe we'll make a comedy."

Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter from Michael Shannon