Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon Break Each Other's Faces on 'Tonight Show'

Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon — H 2016

Jimmy Fallon's football-throwing skills could use some work.

Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon played "Facebreakers" on Thursday, taking turns throwing footballs at a wall of glass with images of their faces on it.

Fallon's aim could use some work, though. After one throw bounced off the wall, Strahan asked, "Are you going to throw every one like that?"

The Tonight Show host even took to kicking the ball for part of it but only ended up breaking his own face. "To be fair I'll break myself," said Strahan.

When Strahan commented on how poorly Fallon was doing, Fallon defended himself. "Well that's because you played football," the host said, laughing. "But I hit the guys who threw it, I didn't throw it," replied the former New York Giants defensive end.

After Fallon was defeated, Strahan gave him a hug.

Then it was time for the loser to go in a reverse dunk tank. Despite Fallon's best efforts to get Strahan to take his place, the host ended up soaked in his suit.