Michaele Salahi's Husband Files for Divorce

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He claims in court papers that the former "Real Housewives of D.C." star has been having an affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon "for a period of months."

On Good Morning America Thursday, a lawyer for former Real Housewives of D.C. star Tareq Salahi said it was too soon to tell if he would file for divorce after his wife Michaele reportedly ran off with the guitarist for Journey.

But less than 24 hours later, it appears he has made up is mind, citing adultery and abandonment in divorce papers obtained by TMZ.com.

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The legal documents also claim that the guitarist, Neal Schon, sent nude photos of himself to Tareq.

Of his wife, he says in the papers: "She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation and indeed the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation and embarrassment."

He says the affair with Schon has been going on "for a period of months."

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The two, who have had money issues in the past, have a prenup.

Tareq claimed his wife was kidnapped earlier this week when she never returned from a hair appointment and a dance class. Later it was discovered she was with Schon, per a rep for the band that said: "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together."

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Virginia's Warren County Sheriff's Office issued a statement Wednesday that officials had spoken to Michaele and she was "fine."

"Deputy Mike Glavis subsequently spoke with Mrs. Salahi by telephone a few moments later," the sheriff's office said. "Deputy Glavis was able to identify Mrs. Salahi by having previous conversations with her in the past. She seemed calm, was engaged in conversation and assured the deputy that she had left the residence with a good friend and was where she wanted to be. Mrs. Salahi advised that she did not want Mr. Salahi to know where she was. Mrs. Salahi advised Deputy Glavis that she was very sorry that the Sheriff's Office had to be involved, but she did not want to be home right now."

Some have speculated the "kidnapping" was a publicity stunt, which could land them both with criminal charges. The two, after all, rose to fame after crashing a White House state dinner in 2009 (they insist they were invited), and have attempted to land several other reality shows after Bravo did not renew Real Housewives of D.C. for a second season. Michaele was kicked off Celebrity Rehab for having no addiction. She also tried to launch a singing career with her single "Bump It."

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