Michele Bachmann's Exit From GOP Race Sparks Comedic Reactions

Shining Moment

Finally! At the last Iowa debate, Michele Bachmann actually got it right: A snazzy satin skirt suit in a cool metallic blue. This ensemble reads modern, smart, savvy and strong. And she also goes easy on the pearls. This one definitely gets our vote.

Following a disappointing 6th place finish in Iowa, the Minnesota congressman's campaign suspension prompts outbreak of jokes and snark on the social-networking site.

The Twitterverse broke out its comedy routine following Michele Bachmann's announcement on Wednesday that she's dropping out of the presidential race.

A sampling of the reaction:

Comedian Andy Borowitz wrote: "Bachmann apparently is withdrawing from the race to spend more time applying gigantic fake eyelashes."

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Screenwriter Brian Lynch also took a swipe at the Minnesota congresswoman's oft-mocked peepers, posting: "Michele Bachmann may be dropping out, but her eyes will never, ever leave you."

Michael King, a cartoonist formerly of The Onion, joked to his followers: "NEWS: Michele Bachmann disassembled by staffers, returned to Radio Shack for partial store credit."

Sniped National Post sports columnist Bruce Arthur: "On the plus side, the time has never been better for a zany Michele Bachmann-Herman Cain buddy comedy."

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"Michele Bachmann quits presidential race. Too bad. She was so entertaining," tweeted Huffington Post blogger Stephanie Sarkis.

In Wednesday's press conference, Bachmann -- who placed a dismal sixth in Tuesday night's results -- said she was suspending her campaign following a bleak run at the Iowa caucuses.

"I have decided to step aside," she said, flanked by husband Marcus Bachmann.

"I will forever be gratetul to the state (of Iowa), and its people," noted the conservative congresswoman, saying that she would "continue fighting to (defeat) Obama's agenda of socialism."