Michele Bachmann's Military Jacket Gets Wayne Newton's Vote (Poll)

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Minnesota Congressman tries to convince Republican voters of her Commander-in-Chief qualities by sporting a gold-buttoned white military jacket.

During Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas, Rep. Michele Bachmann did not score major points with her performance. Interestingly, opponents didn't even bother to challenge her statements.

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"Everyone should pay something, even if it's a dollar," she said, responding to a question about taxes. On the issue of illegal immigrants, she referred to President Obama's uncle and his aunt who have been allowed stay in the U.S. "despite being illegal." She also criticized Obama for putting U.S. troops in Uganda, saying "First, he put troops in Libya, now he's putting them in Africa." Apparently, she's not aware that Libya is also in Africa. Geography. Man, it gets 'em every time, doesn't it?

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But Bachmann projected an air of strength via the fashion force of her white military jacket with epaulets, gold buttons and a discreet flag pin. She's worn this jacket (unless... you don't think she has several.. nyah) before during her campaign, most recently at the GOP Presidential Pre-Debate Party.

We found a jacket that sure looks like the one Bachmann is wearing. It's a New Lafayette 148 White Military Jacket with gold buttons (retails at $498). The fashion line is available at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's but we found this particular jacket for sale on eBay for just $138 (better hurry, the auction is over in 26 hours). If you're not a Repubican, this jacket would make a great Michele Bachmann Halloween costume. But you'd have to spring for a flag pin, acrylic nails and a French manicure.

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Was it Bachmann's white tailored jacket that got a ringing endorsement Mr. Vegas himself, Wayne Newton? After the debate, Newton and Bachmann were interviewed by Fox's Greta Van Susteren. Newton's arm was around Bachmann’s shoulder for the entire spot, and he called the Minnesota congresswoman a “beautiful lady” twice.

“It looks like you’re on a date,” Van Susteren said of the lovebirds. What do you think of Bachmann's recycled military jacket?


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