The Duggar's 20th Baby: What The Viewers Are Saying

Duggar Family Portrait - H - 2010

TLC's "19 and Counting" patriarch and matriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, announced Tuesday that they are again adding to their brood.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar announced Wednesday that they are expecting their 20th child

The stars of TLC's 19 and Counting (which may be changing its name yet again--the show started as 17 and Counting) appeared on the Today show along with their 19 children, daughter-in-law and grandchild, to release the news.

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"We are due in April and just thrilled," said Michelle. 

The news quickly became a conversation topic online, commenters took to The Hollywood Reporter's website, Facebook and Twitter (the term "Michelle Duggar" became a trending topic in the U.S.) to share their thoughts.

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"The fact that Michelle Duggar is pregnant yet again is just disgusting to me," commented reader Carole. "Did they not learn anything with the last one, that was a warning.."

"Michelle Duggar is expecting her 20th child. This woman is insane," tweeted Kaitlen Epps. 

THR facebook commenter Nana Solomon wrote, "tie those tubes please!!!4 fine..but what the hell ?20? who is giving them love, affection? by golly!"

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"I think they are a wonderful family - they are doing a great job raising loving, responsible children - which the world needs more of to balance the mindless fatherless children of today who are destroying our society," said another reader QueenOfcups, adding, "If more good parents had children this word would be in a better place."

Tammy Lanius shared her enthusiasm, commenting on THR's story, "Congrats to the Duggars. I am so happy for your family! God is Good ALL THE TIME!"

Dormiens Draco made a Harry Potter reference, tweeting, "Michelle Duggar is expecting her 20th kid. I have concluded that they are the more extreme muggle version of the Weasley family."

"Michelle Duggar officially declared winner of the Uterus Olympics. You don't want to know what the prize is," joked Liz Gumbinner in a tweet.

While Charles Oliver opined on Facebook, "It's not my job to tell someone how many kids they can have, but I gotta believe it's impossible to give each one the true love and attention it needs when you reach a number like that. As for my personal opinion, disgusting!"

And JBreezy The Poet tweeted, "Michelle Duggar had 20 kids and she gets a TV show... My homegirl Keisha had 6 kids and all she got was food stamps."