Michelle Obama, Ann Romney Sport Hot Pink Dresses at Debate (Poll)

Michelle Obama Ann Romney Pink - H 2012
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Michelle Obama Ann Romney Pink - H 2012

Both turned up at the presidential town hall debate Tuesday evening at Hofstra University wearing fuschia wardrobes. Who wore it best?

Blue states, red states -- the country was in a pink state of mind Tuesday night during the town hall presidential debate. That's because both candidates' wives turned up in the exact shade of hot pink, or fuschia, or whatever you want to call it. The hue has now been dubbed Pepto-Pink, after the famous antacid pink preparation.

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First Lady Michelle Obama wore a coat-style dress by Michael Kors, while Ann Romney wore a shift dress with cap sleeves. It has not been confirmed but fashion watchers surmise that the dress may be from her go-to designer Alfred Fiadaca. But only seeing the wives for seconds, one could easily have thought that they were wearing the same dress. Instead of debating who won, the water cooler discussion on Wednesday will clearly be about thinking pink.

Yes, pink is a hot color this season -- and it gets hotter for spring 2013 -- but the fact is, October is National Breast Cancer Month, and clearly, both women were honoring this. Romney is, in fact, a breast cancer survivor herself, and she's spoken very frankly about this in interviews.