Toddler in Viral Michelle Obama Portrait Photo Praises Ex-First Lady on 'Ellen'

“She’s a queen,” the two-year-old told the daytime host of the former first lady, only for DeGeneres to later gift her with a portrait of herself.

After a photograph of a two-year-old staring at Michelle Obama’s portrait at the National Portrait Gallery went viral, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Parker Curry and her mother to her show Wednesday to discuss their new friendship with the former first lady. 

“I was trying to get [Parker] to turn around, face me, so that I could get a picture of her with the portrait behind, and she was stuck," Parker's mom, Jessica, explained. "She was focused on the portrait and, little did I know, there was someone else in line who was witnessing her reaction, and he took a picture of her.” Curry’s mother said the gentleman in line admitted to feeling as if he was “witnessing a great moment.” 

Further exemplifying the toddler’s admiration for the former first lady, DeGeneres showed the photograph on her giant on-stage screen, only for the two-year-old to point at the photo and excitedly say, “There’s Michelle Obama right there!”

Obama caught wind of the viral photo and reached out to Jessica to set up an in-person meeting with her daughter. “She’s a queen,” the toddler told DeGeneres, while still staring at the photograph on the screen behind her. Parker then told the daytime host that Obama was “her best friend,” only for DeGeneres to quip, “Yeah, remind her of that. She hasn’t called me lately.”

Later on, Parker shared a ballet dance with DeGeneres after a video of her dancing alongside Obama played on screen. To try to forge her own friendship with the toddler, DeGeneres gifted Parker with a portrait of herself before giving her a supply of colorful tutus.