Michelle Obama's Election Night Look Harkens Back to 2008

Michelle Obama Election Night - P 2012
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Michelle Obama Election Night - P 2012

Why change a winning combination? The first lady brings back the red and black dress and wrap theme she donned from her husband's first presidential victory.

It's a little too early to say who designed Michelle Obama's red and violet print, high necked sheath dress and black jacket/sweater with short sleeves she wore to step out onto the stage in Chicago where her husband, President Obama, gave his victory speech after being re-elected to a second term.

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Some twitter mentions have already named Michael Kors the designer of this look -- and the first lady has certainly worn a lot of the New York designer recently (that fuchsia dress and jacket at the debates, for instance). But there's no way to confirm this late on Tuesday night.

However , one thing is sure:  Obama chose to harken back to that first winning night in 2008, when she wore a red and black sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez cut to the knee, with a black sweater wrapped around it. Her 2012 dress and top definitely recall that look, and since she's a woman who wears many colors, shapes and styles , well,  there's no way this is not a deliberate move on her part.

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We can be sure that Anna Wintour, a big campaigner for President Obama, is one happy fashionista tonight, as the New York fashion community not only got behind the president , but have been avowed fans of the first lady since her 2008 election night designer look , and her Jason Wu gown at the inauguration. She's been called one of the most fashion forward First Ladies of all time, following in the footsteps of Jackie Kennedy.

Now let's speculate - what will Michelle wear to the next inauguration?This will occupy the fashion world for the next few months, as much as who will wear what to the Oscars.