Michelle Williams' Palm Springs Gala Dress Misidentified on Red Carpet

Michelle Williams Palm Springs Miu Miu Silver Dress

The "My Week With Marilyn" star's silk frock was mistakenly credited to Prada instead of Miu Miu.

Only the most fashion-conscious actresses really know all their labels: dress, shoes, jewelry, handbag - on the red carpet. Gwyneth Paltrow will never not know her labels; neither will Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman.

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But for instance, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala over this weekend, Melissa McCarthy didn't even know who designed her bright blue dress. "My stylist got it for me," she admitted. "I have no idea who made it."

When Michelle Williams floated down the Palm Springs carpet in her champagne silk duchesse cocktail dress enriched with a crystal and pearl embroidered bodice, the designer responsible pronounced by her people was "Prada."

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But on Monday, Prada put out a press release saying their Miu Miu brand is responsible for Michelle's dress. Her bronze platform cross strap heels were by Prada as well.

It is tricky when a brand has two separate labels, as with Prada and Miu Miu, and it was clear that Prada really wanted this information corrected.

Perhaps they need to have more clarity with the actress' reps to make sure this doesn't happen again.