Michelle Williams Wears Dress That Hasn't Debuted on Runway Yet

Michelle Williams

The actress' fall 2012 Givenchy at the Oscar Wilde pre-Oscar party won't be on Givenchy's Parisian runway until next week.

Michelle Williams was guest of honor at the Oscar Wilde Awards on Thursday night for nominees and actors of Irish descent -- Melissa McCarthy and Hugo screenwriter John Logan were also honored at the annual event that always one of the highlights of the week -- particularly if you happen to enjoy the wit and wisdom of Irish people.

Now, Michelle's look -- a petite sleeveless black and white sheath -- was not an unusual one for her she's been donning dresses like this for a lot of this award's season. She's even been getting a bit of flack in the blogosphere for constantly wearing similar looks.

We take an opposing view: If a look is personal, flattering and chic, there really can't be too much of it. But more notable than the style is the season of the dress: it's Givenchy fall 2012. Hmmmm ... Paris fashion week for fall hasn't even begun yet; it kicks off next week. Milan is in the middle of its fall shows. Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy won't even show that dress till next week, but Williams' stylist Kate Young has already procured it. How on earth did that happen?

One word: it's called "access." 

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