Michelle Yeoh Celebrates Earth Day With #TogetherBand Launch

Michelle Yeoh - Q&A-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Bottletop

The newly minted 'Avatar' star is showing her true colors with the bracelet supporting the UN's sustainable development goals.

Star Trek: Discovery star Michelle Yeoh is setting her sights back on the blue planet, celebrating Earth Day with the launch of the #TogetherBand Life on Land bracelet.

Yeoh told The Hollywood Reporter that working with the UN Development Program, where she serves as a goodwill ambassador, has increased her awareness of how the fashion industry impacts the environment. “Eco-consciousness and fashion are subjects close to my heart, and in fact I have recently — with UNDP — explored how the marriage of sustainability and fashion can lead to better outcomes for our planet,” she said, noting that the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, and it takes up to 2,600 gallons of water to produce just one pair of jeans.

As a result, her style has evolved to incorporate fashion-forward, eco-friendly fabrics to prove that even green fashion can be envy-inducing. “I've even had a bespoke dress made from a fashion house in Italy [Tiziano Guardini] that specializes in smart, renewable production choices, lowering water and carbon output, and the dress looked absolutely fantastic,” said Yeoh, emphasizing that communities, conservation groups and the private sector have to come together. 

The bracelet is the first in a series from the British sustainable accessories brand Bottletop, which has collaborated with Mulberry in the past, designed to support the UN's sustainable development goals starting with “Life on Land.” Yeoh explained the meaning behind the bracelet: “It's about taking urgent action to prevent deforestation and reduce the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity, which are a part of our common heritage and are critical for our future.”

There will be 17 bracelets in different colors to correspond with the goals, celebrated with an opening of a pop-up shop in London (in space donated by the royal family, no less) to promote sustainability and offer up a new color drop each month.

The actress said the bracelet goes with her simple style philosophy: to wear what makes her feel good. “This goes for both the red carpet and for film, as the clothes need to tell a story,” said Yeoh.

The bracelets also tell a story for each wearer, as they are mix-and-match and correspond to the 17 goals. “It gives the wearer both the freedom to show their support for one goal close to their heart, or more than one simultaneously, particularly if they are complementary goals," explained Yeoh. "I really applaud the diversity of choice the bracelets provide in letting the user show their support, as well as the environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced methods used to create them.”

And those are threefold, since the sporty bracelets are made from a combination of recovered ocean plastic and metal melted from illegal firearms and crafted by women who have been rescued from human trafficking. “Seriously, because they are made from special material, which otherwise would be really detrimental to our oceans, to our land, we are helping to make a difference,” said Yeoh.

True Cost director Andrew Morgan is creating a series of short films for the launch, and all the profits will go to the World Wildlife Fund's work to protect the Amazon rainforest, which is losing three football fields of forest every minute.

As a bonus, the bracelets are also buy one, get one free, so Yeoh plans to pass hers along to other influential friends. Who's on her list? None other than her Once a Cop and Kung Fu Panda co-star Jackie Chan.