Mickey Rooney: Elder Abuse Made Me 'Prisoner in My Own Home' (Video)

The 90-year-old actor testifies before the Senate that his wife and stepson denied him medication and food and stole money from him.

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Mickey Rooney emotionally testified in front of the Senate Special Committee on Aging Wednesday about elder abuse he experienced at the hands of his wife and stepson.

Rooney, a Lifetime Achievement Oscar winner with a decade-spanning career, said that Christina Aber and son Christopher, 52, withheld food and medication, kept him a "prisoner in his home" and stole money from him.

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"My money was stolen from me. I was eventually stripped of the ability to make even the most basic decisions … my daily life became unbearable," Rooney said Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Watch NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams' video, above.

"When a man feels helpless, it is terrible. And I was helpless … for years I suffered silently, unable to muster the courage to seek the help I knew I needed. I’m asking you to stop this elderly abuse," added Rooney, who has nine children. "Stop it now. Now tomorrow, not next month, but now."

Rooney will return to court on April 5 to ask a judge to extend his restraining order against Aber. He is currently under the conservatorship of his lawyer.

Rooney was featured in The Hollywood Reporter's 80th anniversary Legends of Hollywood special.