Microsoft's Holiday Ad Makes Peace With Apple

Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft employees sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth."

Microsoft and Apple dropped their rivalry — at least temporarily — in honor of the holiday season in a new Microsoft commercial.

The ad features Microsoft employees leaving the NYC store and walking over to the Apple Store. They stop and sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" outside of the flagship Apple store on 5th Ave. Apple employees smile and listen to the carol, hugging the Microsoft employees after they are done with their song.

The Microsoft employees in the ad were selected from across the country and joined with a Harlem children's choir for the carol. "They share a message of peace and harmony with their neighbor down the street," reads the description of the commercial on Microsoft's YouTube.

Kathleen Hall, corporate VP-global advertising at Microsoft, told AdAge that Apple gave Microsoft permission to perform in front of their store. Hall said Apple did not know what Microsoft would be filming ahead of time.