Microsoft has no plans to leave China

CEO Steve Ballmer: 'We're going to abide by the law'

WASHINGTON -- Microsoft has no plans to pull out of China, its CEO said Thursday, playing down concerns about recent cyber attacks and censorship raised by rival Google.

"There are attacks every day. I don't think there was anything unusual, so I don't understand," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Reuters after a meeting on modernizing government services at the White House.

"We're attacked every day from all parts of the world and I think everybody else is too. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary."

On Tuesday, Google threatened to pull out of China -- the world's biggest Internet market by users -- citing censorship and cyber attacks on rights activists' email accounts there.

Google claimed more than 20 other large companies had been the target of cyber-attacks originating in China, but Microsoft has said it has no evidence any of its e-mail services or corporate networks were specifically attacked.

When asked if Microsoft had any plan to pull its business out of China, Ballmer answered "No."

"I don't understand how that helps anything. I don't understand how that helps us and I don't understand how that helps China," Ballmer said.

Earlier Thursday, Ballmer told CNBC Microsoft had no plans to exit China: "We've been quite clear, we're going to operate in China, we're going to abide by the law."
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