Microsoft to launch Xbox games for PC


REDMOND, Wash. -- Video gamers who use PCs will soon be able to play some titles already popular among users of Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console, and in some cases will be able to challenge Xbox-based opponents online, the software maker said Wednesday.

Microsoft said it will sell "Halo 2," originally designed as an Xbox game, for PCs running the new Vista operating system, starting May 8.

In June, Microsoft said it will offer its own shoot-em-up game, "Shadowrun," for PC and Xbox users, followed by a PC version of "Uno" later this year.

PC gamers who play "Shadowrun" and "Uno" will be able to connect to both Xbox and PC gamers using a service Microsoft calls Games for Windows -- Live, a parallel to an existing service for the Xbox community. Gamers can create an identity, see which of their friends is online and invite them to play games.