Microspace beaming with joy

Successfully tests 4k digital satellite distribution

LAS VEGAS -- Microspace Communications Corp. has used its Digital Cinema Distribution system to distribute a 4k digital-cinema package of Sony Pictures' "The Da Vinci Code" via satellite from Microspace's Raleigh, N.C.-headquarters to Sony's laboratory in San Jose, Calif.

Microspace, a subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Co., announced the development today.

The goal was to test the viability of distributing 4k content via satellite. 4k is four times the amount of information found in the more commonly used 2k format.

"4k is getting rolling," said Peter Lude, senior vp solutions engineering at Sony Electronics. "We want to assure ourselves and the industry that we have all aspects of an end-to-end 4k solution.

"We tested the satellite distribution of the 4k content for security, reliability, and for compatibility with digital-cinema projection systems," he added. "We were impressed by Microspace's ability to streamline the integration and process of delivering such a large file. This demonstration provided a great example of the viability of digital cinema 4k content for theaters."