'Midnight Rider' Accident: Sarah Jones Remembered at Georgia Safety Seminar (Video)

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Sarah Jones

Local filmmakers and labor representatives discussed ways to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

Film and TV crewmembers and labor representatives gathered to discuss on-set safety issues in the wake of the death of Midnight Rider camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Jones was struck and killed by a train in Georgia while filming the upcoming Gregg Allman biopic, and her death has served as a wake-up call for local filmmakers, who participated in a safety seminar in Savannah, Ga., on Saturday in part to make sure that similar accidents don't occur going forward.

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The event, organized by the Savannah Filmmakers group and Savannah Women in Film and Television, featured speeches and a panel discussion with representatives from OSHA and IATSE.

The discussion focused on ways to stay safe and stand up against hazardous workplace conditions. IATSE member and keynote speaker Chris Clark told NBC affiliate WSAV that he was motivated by Jones' accident to raise awareness about safety on film and TV show productions.

"I woke up Friday morning [the day after Jones was killed] and started writing, and all I could think about was what needed to happen," Clark said.

During his speech, Clark encouraged people to speak up if they see something unsafe, something crewmembers are often afraid to do.

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Clark, who was involved in creating the pledge to Sarah Jones, hopes one day to have an on-set safety marshal at every filming site.

Kel Genovese, who shoots a TV show near another railroad track, creating eerie moments every time a train goes by, said that staffers should be willing to ask questions.

"People don't know that maybe we should be asking more questions rather than leaving it to the people in charge," Genovese told WSAV.

Those who attended the seminar also showed their support for Jones by sporting black wristbands reading "I am Sarah" and stickers that said "We are Sarah Jones." One attendee even memorialized Jones with a tattoo.

Watch a video report on the seminar below.

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