Front Row Report, Opening Ceremony: Miguel Cares Less About Clothes Than You Think. Kind of.

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The sexy singer is totally chill when it comes to getting dressed. Luckily stylist Jasmine Benjamin is by his side.

Judging by his incredibly naked album cover, Miguel might not be the first person one thinks of when “clothes” come to mind. And on the VMAs red carpet on August 30, the singer put this theory to the test when he was asked the age-old question, “What are you wearing?”

“Uh, I think Saint Laurent,” the singer told the red carpet hosts with a smirk. “I don’t even know.”

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It was one of the few times we genuinely laughed out loud during that often stomach-churning awards show. But could it be that Miguel — who always looks so cool and sophisticated in his uniformed brand of rocker chic — doesn’t actually care about clothes?

As we found out on Sunday when we ran into him and his stylist Jasmine Benjamin after the Opening Ceremony show at New York Fashion Week, the answer is…kind of.

“We’ve grown and evolved,” the singer, who mingled front row with Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Natasha Lyonne and Kelly Osbourne, explained of his style post-presentation.

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“Well I have as a person. And my music, I think it reflects similarly with my taste and style — I care less. But I still love quality shit.”

Benjamin laughed and rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah he cares less. He’s wearing Haider Ackermann.”

Benjamin’s famous client laughed too, showcasing the chemistry he has with his stylist – which, like any good relationship, is one of the most major keys to success.

So what brands does this new ,“nonchalant” Miguel gravitate towards?

“Costume National, Haider Ackermann, obviously Saint Laurent. And there are a couple pieces from other collections. But I think these three for me are definitely the top.”

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To Opening Ceremony’s spring 2016 show, which featured carefully choreographed runway “falls” and a dance number by New York City ballet resident choreographer Justin Peck, the singer sported Haider Ackermann leather pants and a pair of vintage MCM sunglasses.

“One of my favorite pairs.” he said.

“Oh he has the best sunglasses collection,” Benjamin quickly interjected. But back to the labels Miguel loves.

“Definitely Haider,” Benjamin said. “It’s a deconstructed look, not so sleek. He was really into that for a minute and I think he’s getting out of it.”

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“We aggregate things that really inspire us. It’s about how you feel and having pieces that inspire you and then, your move. That’s how it is for us,” the singer said.

Benjamin gave her client a teasing look.

Aggregate.” she laughed.

And just like that, we understood exactly why Miguel looks so good — even if he doesn't care what he's wearing. 

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