Mike Huckabee Criticized for 'Boys Don't Cry' Joke

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Mike Huckabee leaves Trump Tower on Nov. 18, 2016, in New York City.

The former presidential candidate was taking a jab at Chuck Schumer.

Mike Huckabee was catching backlash on Saturday for a joke he made on Twitter concerning the film Boys Don't Cry.

Huckabee, the former presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas, attempted to take a dig at New York Sen. Chuck Schumer for getting emotional when he spoke about his outrage over a temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries to the U.S. put in place by President Donald Trump.

"Breaking news from Hollywood! Sen. Chuck Schumer cast in lead role for remake of Boys Don't Cry," tweeted Huckabee.

While a portion of his followers congratulated him for the rib, others criticized him for making light of a film, which is based on a true story, about a transgender man who is ultimately murdered for his lifestyle.

The 1999 drama was directed by Kimberly Peirce and starred Hilary Swank, who won a best actress Oscar for her performance as Brandon Teena.