Art Garfunkel Remembers Mike Nichols: "He Was the Most Sparkling Man Among Us"

'Catch-22' (1970)

The cast of this movie included Alan Arkin, Bob Newhart, Martin Sheen, Art Garfunkel, Anthony Perkins, Bob Balaban, Orson Welles and Jon Voight.

"To act for him on camera was to glide on a liquid film of intelligence"

Mike Nichols died at the age of 83 this week, and friends and colleagues are remembering the famed director.

Art Garfunkel — who appeared in Nichols' films Catch-22 and Carnal Knowledge and contributed to The Graduate soundtrack as half of Simon & Garfunkel — shared these memories with Billboard:

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"Ahhh, how I loved Mike. Truly. Deeply. He was the most sparkling man among us. Life will be different for us now. Earth will be a little duller. Mike Nichols is not alive. The self is a creation. Mike created an extraordinary star — so bright, so extremely clever — himself. When you were with him, he brought you up to your best smart self, and kept it light with humor.

"To act for him on camera was to glide on a liquid film of intelligence. Before each scene, Mike gave his actors a brilliant and subversive insight. As you were stirred, he then got you with something really funny. In this state of transcendence, he walked away and said, 'Roll camera.' Now that he has truly 'walked away,' the act of life is, for me, forever charmed."

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