Hilary Swank on the One Thing Mike Nichols Could Get Any Actress to Do

The director's name surfaced recently during The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable

Hollywood is mourning the death of Mike Nichols, who died Wednesday at age 83.

Days before his death, a slew of awards-contending actresses sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a candid conversation in which the director's name arose as part of a discussion about how they make themselves cry.

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"I spent my life growing up trying to make myself cry because I thought that's what an actress had to do," said The Theory of Everything star Felicity Jones. "Then realizing, just because it says to cry in the script doesn't mean you have to do it."

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Added The Homesman star Hilary Swank: "There are other ways to mourn. There's that shock and that moment of nothing comes out, and maybe a week later you have that cathartic release. There are different creative ways. But if Mike Nichols says, 'No, no, I think you should [cry]' — then I get it. … I can't fight with him," she added, laughing.

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