Mike Pence Plans to Model Vice Presidency After Dick Cheney

Mike Pence RNC 2 - H 2016
John Moore/Getty Images

Donald Trump's running mate told ABC's 'This Week' in an interview that aired Sunday that he holds Cheney "in really high regard."

Donald Trump's running mate says if elected he would model his vice presidency after Dick Cheney.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told ABC's This Week in an interview that aired Sunday that he holds Cheney "in really high regard." Cheney served two terms as vice president under George W. Bush and was known for playing an active role in the Bush White House.

Pence is a former 12-year congressman and says he envisions emulating Cheney in working closely with the House and Senate to implement Trump's agenda.

Pence says he has talked with Trump about what his role would be, but declined to talk more about "our private conversations."

Pence also said that "birtherism" is no longer an issue for the Republican presidential nominee. Pence declared on ABC's This Week that "it's over." Host Martha Raddatz replied: "It's not over."

On Sunday news shows,  Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others said Trump's comments Friday acknowledging that President Barack Obama was born in the United States cancels out Trump's five years of suggesting otherwise. The surrogates also insisted that a confidant of Hillary Clinton's started peddling the theory that Obama was born in Kenya, that Trump has been a victim of unfair media coverage over the issue, and that Americans don't care about the issue, anyway.

Trump on Friday falsely claimed that Clinton had started the birther discussion.

Pence is campaigning in Florida this weekend and was scheduled to be interviewed about his faith by a minister in Jacksonville at a church service Sunday.