Mike Tyson Now Sending Birthday Cards for $2.99 a Pop

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The boxer is one of many famous faces appearing in personalized video ecards.

As a Warner Bros. executive, Eric Frankel spent years selling sydication rights to studio hits. These days, he's watching athletes, musicians and reality stars record video messages with hundreds of different name options for his new company.

The recently launched Stargreetz offers up ecards, ring tones and voice mail for customers willing to pay the $2.99 price for a slightly personalized celebrity message.

Ecards from Reba McEntire, Adam West and American Idol finalists are already available -- and in a little while, Mike Tyson will also have a presence on the site.

"This is all new stuff to me," Tyson told USA Today during his Stargreetz shoot. "It's like I'm going into warp speed... the future."

Tyson's greeting, like all the ecards, is somewhat tailored to his personality, with the former boxer making several references to his second career racing pigeons.

It sounds silly, but Frankel has seen a lot of interest.

USA Today also reports that Frankel managed to raise $6.5 million from investors before launching the company.

His backers include former president of CBS Entertainment Jeff Sagansky, producer Joe Roth and industry lawyers Ken Ziffren and Harry "Skip" Brittenham.

Skip, incidentally, is one of over 750 names you can hear Jersey Shore star Pauly D call out in his "Mad, Mad Props!" congratulatory ecard.

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