Mike Tyson Shares Bizarre Tribute to Prince

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images; Imeh Akpanudosen/WireImage/Getty Images

"This is a different level of weird," one of Tyson's Twitter followers said in response to the photo.

People around the world have paid tribute to legendary musician Prince in the wake of his death. Mike Tyson tweeted his own thoughts about Prince, but added a unique photo to his words.

"Like the world I mourn but celebrate your spirit with your music," wrote Tyson. Accompanying his tweet was a Photoshopped version of Prince's 1979 self-titled album. The picture replaced Prince's face with Tyson's and changed the album title to say "Printhe," presumably mocking Tyson's lisp. The picture is an Internet meme that had been created and shared long before Prince passed away.

Tyson's followers had very mixed reactions to the tribute. Many people responded with their own variations of "WTF" tweets and criticisms. "That just looks creepy," said one Twitter user. "Can't take the narcissism."

"Opposite of tribute," commented another user.

There were others that greatly enjoyed the photo, calling it "brilliant." "Thank you I couldn't stop crying, now you made me laugh again," said a Prince fan. "Is it wrong to find this funny?" said a conflicted Twitter follower.

For better or worse, the majority of users found the tribute uniquely bizarre.

"What the heck goes on in that head of yours?" asked one follower. "A rest in peace was sufficient, this is a different level of weird."

Here's a look at the original cover artwork for Prince:

Updated April 22 1:13PM PT to clarify the photo was a meme shared online prior to Prince's death