Publication of Mike Wallace Biography Accelerated After His Death

The unauthorized biography by screenwriter Peter Rader will hit bookstores early to capitalize on interest in the life of the legendary "60 Minutes" correspondent.

Publisher Thomas Dunne Books announced it is accelerating the publication date of Mike Wallace: A Life by Peter Rader to April 13. The book was originally scheduled for publication on April 24.

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Mike Wallace, the legendary CBS journalist and the first reporter hired for 60 Minutes, passed away April 8 at the age of 93.

The unauthorized biography by filmmaker and screenwriter Rader (Waterworld) promises "the untold story of how the world's most feared TV reporter transformed his inner darkness into a journalistic juggernaut that riveted millions and redefined the landscape of television news."

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The biography traces his six-decade career, including interviews with major newsmakers from Eleanor Roosevelt to Martin Luther King Jr.. It also explores his personal life, including his well-known struggles with depression, his attempted suicide and the death of his 19-year-old son Peter in 1962.