Mikhail Krichman Collects Russia's Main Cinematography Award



Krichman recognized at Bely Kvadrat awards for his work on Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Elena."

MOSCOW – Mikhail Krichman collected the best Russian cinematographer’s prize at the Bely Kvadrat (White Square) cinematography awards, which were handed out in Moscow on April 4.

Krichman was awarded for his work on Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Elena, for which he also picked up a Golden Eagle for the best camera work earlier this year.

Krichman was the director of photography on Zvyagintsev’s previous features, 2003’s Vozvrashcheniye (The Return) and 2007’s Izgnaniye (The Banishment). In 2010, he collected the International Venice Film Festival’s best cinematography Golden Osella award for his work on Alexei Fedorchenko’s Ovsyanki (Silent Souls).

The other cinematographers nominated for the Bely Kvadrat awards were Alexander Ilkhovsky for Alexander Zeldovich’s Mishen (Target), Yuri Klimenko for Grigory Konstantinopolsky’s movie Samka (Female), Maxim Osadchy for Avdotya Smirnova’s Dva Dnya (Two Days) and Alexei Rodionov for Viktor Ginzburg’s Generation P.

Klimenko, also known for such films as Alexei Uchitel’s Kray (The Edge) and Kosmos Kak Predchuvstviye (Dreaming of Space), collected the Sergei Urusevsky lifetime achievement award.