Mila Kunis Charmed by Bumbling BBC Reporter (Video)

The "Oz" actress welcomes Chris Stark's off-base interview topics, ranging from beer to football to whether she would be his date to a wedding.

Few brave souls would venture to ask Mila Kunis to a wedding, but BBC Radio's Chris Stark did just that during a bumbling interview at the Oz the Great and Powerful press junket that has gone viral.

"Seriously, I'm petrified. ... I've never done this before," said Stark, launching into his first question: "Did you enjoy being ugly for once? Because generally, you know, you're hot."

The radio reporter then directed the conversation back to himself and how nerve-racking it was to be "talking right at" the actress with "cameras everywhere." But Kunis, perhaps bored by the revolving door of reporters asking what it's like to work with James Franco, seemed to enjoy Stark's awkward Hugh Grant-style shtick. When Stark proceeded to babble about football games and his favorite drink (Jager bombs), Kunis declared, "This is the best interview I've had today!"
And when an off-camera publicist requested that they talk about the film, Kunis spewed out a series of sound bites about her Oz character and her co-stars. 
Then Stark invited her to a wedding. (If she didn't have to work, Kunis might have been tempted, given her willingness to attend that Marine Corps Ball in 2011.)
[Hat Tip: Vulture]