Mila Kunis on Marine Ball: 'Do Not Believe What Billy Bush Says' (Video)

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Despite shooting two films in November, "I got permission to be released from work for the day, so I’m flying in and flying out," she says.

It’s official: Mila Kunis will be Greenville, North Carolina bound for the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore, despite reports to the contrary.

VIDEO: Mila Kunis Accepts YouTube Invitation to Marine Corps Ball
“Do not believe what Billy Bush says,” Kunis stated during a Friends With Benefits press conference. “Please, I beg of you. Never did I say that I was not going. He made it up and people believed it, unfortunately."

"I am attending,” she continued.

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After accepting Moore’s invitation last weekend on Fox411, rumors quickly circulated that she would be forced to back out due to production obligations. On Wednesday July 13, Billy Bush relayed the shaky report via Access Hollywood Live, as well as his radio show.
“It turns out she can’t do it,” Bush said on-air. “Apparently, Mila is already committed to two movies in November. However, she plans to meet with the serg after he gets back from his deployment.”

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“I accepted an invitation and I’m staying true to my word,” the actress fired back. “I got permission to be released from work for the day, so I’m flying in and flying out.”
Co-star Justin Timberlake also received an invitation to the Nov. 18th Ball, but has yet to respond.
Watch Kunis’ remarks for yourself in the video below.