Mila Kunis: 'Friends With Benefits' 'Pushes the Envelope'

David Giesbrecht/Sony Pictures

She tells THR that raunchy comedies are becoming more popular because people want to "have fun and escape and enjoy themselves."

Mila Kunis may star in Friends With Benefits -- but she tells The Hollywood Reporter she's never been in a relationship of that nature.

"I don't know from personal experience," she said at the NYC premiere of the comedy Monday night. Co-starring Justin Timberlake, it hits theaters on Friday.

She didn't have to explain the title's meaning to her parents.

"They're not that old," she joked. "I didn't have to explain it to anybody."

Kunis thinks the surge of raunchy comedies -- like Bridesmaids and Hangover: Part II -- can be attributed to people wanting to escape.

"I think it's just generational and I think people like it because it pushes the envelope and they just say, 'We're gonna have fun and escape and enjoy ourselves.' There's nothing deeper than that," she says.

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