Mila Kunis: 'I'm Not Used to' [Nude Scenes] (Video)

Mila Kunis - Movie Still: Friends with Benefits - Head Shot - 2011
David Giesbrecht/Sony Pictures

The 'Friends With Benefits' actress discussed filming the movie's many risqué shots on 'Regis & Kelly' Tuesday.

Mila Kunis may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood these days, but the star, who received critical acclaim after her turn in Black Swan, still gets insecure about filming nude scenes. 

When asked on Regis & Kelly Tuesday morning if she has gotten used to showing skin on the big screen--something she does in Friends With Benefits, opening in theaters Friday, Kunis replied, "Used to it? I'm not even used to it in my private life -- you think i'm used to it on, like, 30 times its size?"

But, the actress, who co-stars with Justin Timberlake in Benefits, said that the jokey nature of the film made filming the scenes a bit easier. 

"Our scenes had to be funny. It didn't have to be sexy, it didn't have to be attractive, it had to be funny. So the physicality became like the second part of the scene," revealed Kunis. 

The RomCom, which deals with two twenty-something friends who decide to have a purely physical relationship, is being likened to this year's smash-hit raunchy comedies Bridesmaids and Hangover: Part II

At the film's Monday premiere in New York City, The Hollywood Reporter asked Kunis if she had any advice for people in a friends-with-benefits relationship, but the actress said she hasn't had any personal experience with the situation, joking, "Ask Dr. Drew -- he would probably know more than I would." 

Watch here.