Mila Kunis is the Latest Actress to Have Cell Phone Photos Leak

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The actress celebrates a birthday Aug. 14.

The “Black Swan” star joins Scarlett Johansson in the growing hacked celebrity photo scandal. The FBI is reportedly getting closer to identifying the hackers.

Mila Kunis appears to be the latest star to have her hacked cell phone pictures leak online.

According to TMZ, several of the Black Swan and Friends With Benefits star's private photos, including shots of her Friends co-star Justin Timberlake, have been accessed by the hacker group targeting celebrities.

Kunis is the second major celebrity to have her hacked photos be distributed online this week. Avengers star Scarlett Johannsson is currently in contact with the FBI over photos appearing to show the actress nude, which have appeared on several different websites. Rather than denying the authenticity of the photos, Johannson's lawyer, Marty Singer, is currently issuing letters to bloggers and websites demanding that the photos be taken down.

Though Kunis' photos reportedly do not show the actress nude, they do show some candid shots of Timberlake, a photo of Kunis in a bathtub and one of an unidentified nude man.

Meanwhile, TMZ also reports that the FBI may be closing in on the hacker group that targeted Johannson, Kunis, as well as Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba and others.