Mila Kunis Named the New Face of Dior

The "Black Swan" star gets her first beauty endorsement deal.

For a young actress -- for any actress -- getting a big beauty endorsement deal for print and television advertising campaigns is an enormous boost to the career. First of all, it's very lucrative. Second, it means the world will be exposed to your face, shot by one of the best photographers on the planet. And finally, you become associated with the brand's international image -- which in this case is Dior.

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Up until recently, French actress Marion Cotillard has been Dior's face. While they've been working with Charlize Theron for many years on the perfume front, it's unusual for Dior to have an American actress be their face when it comes to clothing and handbags. Mila Kunis will debut in the new spring/summer 2012 ad campaign shot by Mikael Jansen in New York and will break this month. Kunis is featured in chic black clothes and a red iconic "Miss DIor" bag. Her hair is pulled up in a French style chignon. 

"I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Dior," Kunis announced. "The brand is iconic in so many ways. It defines fashion, elegance and sophistication." Kunis has just wrapped Oz:The Great and Powerful with James Franco, and while the actress started her career in broad comedy, this will only elevate that leading lady image she's been heading for. Will Kunis show up for Dior's couture show next week in Paris or their ready to wear show in March? We have a feeling there's a strong possibility. Also, next time she shows up at an awards show, you can bet it will be in Dior.