Mila Kunis on Sexism in Hollywood, Looking Up to Tina Fey, Lucille Ball

Terry Richardson/GQ

"The bottom line is if you're an attractive female in this industry, people just take you as that: attractive," she says.

Mila Kunis thinks women can be taken seriously as comedians in Hollywood -- but it's hard.

"The bottom line is if you're an attractive female in this industry, people just take you as that: attractive. People aren't getting the opportunity to move beyond being attractive," she tells the August issue of GQ while promoting her new movie, Friends With Benefits, in theaters July 22.

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"It's not only with comedy. It could be with drama or action or whatever. People are distracted by looks. It happens. I'm not saying it happened to me, but it happens," she continues.

Her favorite female comedians include: “Lucille Ball is perfection—her timing and her commitment. Sarah Silverman is raunchy and brilliant, and people call her out for saying fucked-up stuff­ that they wouldn't have a problem with a man saying. How dare she? Who else? Tina Fey. She's a genius. I actually just finished reading Bossypants."

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She calls Fey's book "brilliant….I love Tina Fey. So funny, but never shticky. She's not tripping over sh-t," she says.

But when the interviewer brings up how it's hard to believe that Fey is "so clearly attractive and successful that I can't buy her self-deprecating stuff anymore," Kunis agrees: "I see your point."

"You want the attention to go to the joke itself rather than be distracted by who's delivering it," she continues. "But look at Bridesmaids. That movie's full of beautiful women who are hysterical. I'm so proud of those ladies. You have no idea how hard it is for a woman in this business. A lot of people don't even think women are funny. It's f--ked-up, but you have to deal with guys like that. I've learned to roll with it."

Kunis recently accepted an invitation to go with a sergeant to the Marine Ball in November.