Milan's Fondazione Prada Launches Roman Polanski Film Festival

Getty Images
Roman Polanski

The Polish director conceived a special documentary to celebrate the opening of the foundation's new space.

Milan’s Fondazione Prada opened doors at its new Rem Koolhaas-designed headquarters May 9 with a much-buzzed-about cafe designed by Wes Anderson and 118,000 square feet of exhibition space, with works by the likes of Robert Gober and Louise Bourgeois.

To celebrate the opening of the building's new cinema Friday, Roman Polanski conceived a documentary, directed by Laurent Bouzereau, where he analyzes the sources of his inspiration throughout cinema history.

“When Miuccia Prada asked me to partake in the opening of the Fondazione Prada, I didn’t know how possibly I could contribute with something worthwhile. I asked Miuccia for help; her endeavour is diverse from mine but we share the same inspiration, speak the same language,” said Polanski in a statement.

“She thought that going back to my first emotions in the dark rooms of movie theaters, trying to figure out what triggered my imagination and made me want to become a film director, could be intriguing. A bit nostalgic, but a liberating exercise. I hope that sharing these experiences, with those who wonder why I dedicate myself to cinema, may help them not only to better understand my work but, also, to revisit great old movies that have been somehow forgotten.”

The foundation has launched a free film festival running May 22 to July 25, featuring 21 films selected by Polanski himself, including Citizen Kane, Great Expectations, Odd Man Out, Hamlet,  and Bicycle Thieves.