10 Miley Cyrus Antics We Expect to See at the VMAs

Miley Cyrus - H 2015
Photographed by Paoloa Kudacki with Creative Direction by Diane Martel for Paper Magazine

Number one: Pasties.

Miley Cyrus is hosting the 2015 VMAs — which means things are bound to get a little, um, weird. No doubt the show will be entertaining. After all, the 22-year-old is pretty much an expert at getting people talking. And though MTV isn't allowing her to perform following her Robin Thicke duet fiasco in 2013, we have a feeling she'll be able to sneak in a couple of her favorite onstage antics.

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Based on past performances, the starlet's eccentric Instagram and general Miley knowledge, we've compiled a list of tried-and-true Cyrus moves we wouldn't be surprised to see when the Bangerz singer takes the stage on Aug. 30. 

1. Pasties: 

Cyrus' collection of pasties knows no bounds.

2. Stuffed animals: 

Whether giant, drugged-up bears like the ones at her 2013 VMAs performance, or bilingual pink bunnies (above), Cyrus' affinity for stuffed animals is no secret. Perhaps we'll see a few on stage? 

3. Weed: 


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Cyrus' love for the bud is beginning to rival Snoop Dogg's. Happy hippie, indeed. 

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4. Tongue: 

New VMAs drinking game: Take a drink every time Miley flashes her tongue. (Play at your own risk.)

5. Slides: 

Because what's a stage without a slide? 

6. Giant Miley's:

If there's anything Cyrus likes more than flashing her tongue, it's a larger-than-life photo of herself flashing her tongue. 

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7. Wigs: 


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Her short bleached 'do may have become something of a signature, but we all know Cyrus isn't afraid to rock a colorful wig every now and again (just check her Instagram for proof).

8. Fashionable friends: 

Cyrus has been known to bring out her less famous (though equally fashionable) friends as dates to various red carpet events, including Tyler Ford (above) and homeless teen Jesse Helt. No clues yet as to who will be the lucky guy or gal on her arm. 

9. Colorful pit hair: 


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

The true question: What color will her pit hair be at the VMAs

10. A nod to the infamous 2013 VMAs performance

If not a dancing bear, can we at least get one foam finger? Please, Miley?