Miley Cyrus Goes Punk With Spikey New Haircut She Debuts on Twitter

Miley Cyrus New Punk Hair Twitpic - P 2012
Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Miley Cyrus New Punk Hair Twitpic - P 2012

After going from long and wavy to bobbed and sharp, Cyrus has gone all the way to punky waif with a boyish-hairdo that's shaved on the sides and long in the front.

You have to wonder what Liam Hemsworth thinks of this: over the weekend, Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of new spikey haircut given to her by Jennifer Aniston's mane man, Chris McMillan -- and it's got shaved sides, reminiscent of punk haircuts of the 1980's -- that boys wore!

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She's still platinum blonde, and now looks a bit like a lawnmowered-Ashlee Simpson. We love waif haircuts, don't get us wrong -- on Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway -- they both look amazing. These types of looks can actually make one look much younger and focus on the eyes, making them appear huge. In the nineties, very short hair took off when model Amber Valetta sported the "waif" haircut. But the shaven parts here are extreme and definitely more boy than girl -- but Miley seems elated.

Her tweet had this photo attached and read, "Most successful Sally day EVER! I feel pretty, ohhh so pretty and gayyy" -- which is a reference to the song "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. Oddly, this is definitely an interesting haircut -- brave and edgy and cool -- but pretty? That just doesn't seem the right word for it. Miley ended the tweet with, "Never felt more me in my whole life." Perhaps she's channeling her inner Joan Jett?

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Will it spark trends of other young women going punk in the haircut department? Will short hair take off in Los Angeles -- the home of hair extentions and waist length locks? It will be interesting to observe.

Meanwhile, our bet: Miley is sporting hair extentions in no more than two months.