Miley Cyrus Is Also Glad That Fashion Week Is Over

Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Miley Cyrus

But it's not for the same reasons as fashion editors.

Fashion month finally has wrapped up, and editors, buyers and publicists alike all are breathing a collective sigh of relief and fluffing up their pillows for a well-deserved nap.

In the celebrity realm, Miley Cyrus, too, is thankful that the madness has finally come to a close — but for different reasons.

The 23-year-old threw in a "#thankgodfashionweekisover" during an Instagram rant about the use of animal products in the industry. "Why wear fur when you can wear rainbows?!" she captioned a photo of herself in a rainbow pom-pom beanie. "Thank you to those designers who chose to allow all the beautiful people to wear their own skin and not someone else's ... so much fing love to you."

The vegan musician has been outspoken about her ethical diet in the past and even nabbed the coveted title of PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian in 2015. Most recently, she's been blasting Donald Trump and kin on Instagram for posting photos of their hunting trophies.

But #NotAllDesigners use animal products in their designs. Stella McCartney and Amelie Pichard are both outspoken vegan activists who have advocated for the use of synthetic furs, wools and skins.

Cyrus has been popping up in the news rather frequently lately, chiming in on everything from the Kim Kardashian/Bette Midler/Chloe Grace Moretz Twitter feud to the return of Fuller House with her eloquent input.


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