Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Freak Out Fans in 'Tonight Show' Photobomb Gag

YouTube/Late Night

Cyrus' weeklong residency continued Tuesday with a running gag on the NBC late-night staple.

"Miley Week" continued Tuesday on The Tonight Show as the late-night program's resident pop superstar Miley Cyrus expertly played the part of a photobomber to unsuspecting fans.

Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon scared the living bejesus out of guests as they seated and smiled for their portraits against a Voice-branded backdrop. Cue a lot of "OMGs" and screams and generally freaked-out folks as the "Malibu" singer made herself known.

The fun-loving singer kicked off her week-long residency Monday night with an interview, a pair of performances and a round of Musical Genre Challenge.

Watch the photobomb gag below. 

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