Miley Cyrus Launches #InstaPride Campaign With Instagram

Miley Cyrus Met H 2015
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Miley Cyrus Met H 2015

The singer's Happy Hippie Foundation is behind it.

Say what you will about Miley Cyrusattention-grabbing antics and ever-more-provocative wardrobe, but she also does good. Her Happy Hippie Foundation works to rally young people against injustice faced by homeless and LGBTQ youth, and now, along with Instagram, they’ve collaborated on a new native social media campaign dubbed #InstaPride.

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On Monday, Cyrus and Instagram launched “Happy Hippie Presents #InstaPride,” with the singer posting a series of portraits she took of a Michigan college student who used the app to document his transition. Over the course of two weeks, she and Instagram will share more photos she shot of other transgender and gender-expansive individuals.


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The goal of the partnership is to introduce followers to their journeys, stories and the people who support them along the way. Additionally it is supported by transgender leaders who lent opinions on what would help address the stigma and misconceptions these individuals face.

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The photos can also be seen at @happyhippiefnd and more info on the project is on Instagram’s blog. Obviously Cyrus is playing a big role in increasing awareness, since the playful photos shot against a sunny yellow background by the yellow jumpsuit-clad singer are going out to her 22-plus million fans. It’s one time selfies are for a great cause.