How to Re-create Miley Cyrus' W Magazine Mani

W Magazine

Celebrity nail artist Lisa Jachno reveals how to achieve the cover star's perfect polish.

I have pretty much touched everyone's hands in Hollywood, since Tina Turner," celebrity nail artist Lisa Jachno told Pret-a-Reporter. Jachno's memorable manicures have been seen on everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Garner, and as of late, on Miley Cyrus' W magazine cover debut.

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"The inspiration for the look came from the photographers Mert [Alas] and Marcus [Piggott], who already had an idea of what they wanted," said Jachno. Cyrus, who had just stepped off a plane from Europe, arrived to the shoot sporting a vivid red gel polish painted on a set of long acrylic nails, which prevented Jachno from soaking them in acetone to remove the shade. Working against the clock to bring the photographer's vision of bold, edgy nails to life -- a stark contrast from Cyrus' pale complexion, platinum locks and bleached-out brows -- Jachno first shaped the starlet's tips into what she calls a "rock and roll shape," tapered with a round tip on the end. Jachno buffed down Cyrus' gel paint job before applying two glossy coats of Chanel Black Satin polish (and painting her toes to match), which eclipsed the vivid red hue beneath.

To get the look at home, Jachno suggests having some length to your nails or using press-ons. The shape can be achieved using a 180-grit nail file, strong enough to fashion the nail into a triangular shape with a softened tip. "I always close my hand and check it from both views," advised Jachno.

This is not the first time Jachno has worked with tongue-wagging Cyrus; she vividly recalls being on set with the starlet for the first time when she was 13 years old. "I hadn't seen her for a long time," said Jachno. "I was very impressed with how grown up she was."