Miley Cyrus' 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Outfit, Deconstructed

Randy Holmes/ABC
Miley Cyrus

Let's discuss.

Miley Cyrus is not a fan of clothes, but when a situation calls for them (TV, Instagram, public, etc.), the self-described "vegan nudist" certainly has a unique style.

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On her Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance Wednesday evening, Cyrus brought the good, the bad and the sparkly out onstage, where she and an uncomfortable Jimmy Kimmel talked all things boobs.

The look was admittedly a lot to take in, and key details could have been easily missed if one was too distracted by Cyrus' glittering bosom. Luckily for you, we're here to break down the outfit from head to toe. You're welcome.

Let's take it from the top: 

We already knew that Cyrus was a resourceful DIY craftswoman, but her headpiece took things to a whole new level. From the looks of the googly-eyed, bedazzled creation, we'd have to guess that Cyrus raided a fourth-grader's hair drawer, couldn't choose just one piece and so decided to wear them all at once. And let's not forget the dreadlocked extensions. The blond pony was accented with colorful clip-ins and rainbow barrettes — because spray glitter would have been too gaudy.

Cyrus went minimal with the jewelry, wearing only a pair of statement shooting-star earrings and a smiley-face bracelet. But what she lacked in baubles, she made up for in SO SO Happy x Wicked Hippie face stickers.

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The ensemble: 

If Lisa Frank had a clothing collection, we imagine it might look a little something like this. But alas, Cyrus' unique cape-and-trousers ensemble was Hollywood Boulevard special. In true Cyrus form, the soon-to-be VMAs host swapped out an actual shirt for heart-shaped pasties, which, while larger than others she's worn in the past, weren't quite large enough to make Kimmel not feel weird about it. 

The kicks: 

Last but not least, Cyrus finished off the 'fit with a pair of patent black platform sandals, complete with rainbow-bejeweled heels — you know, for consistency.

You keep doin' you, Miley. Watch the full interview below.