Miley Cyrus Was an Emotional Yellow Bunny on 'The Tonight Show'

Miley Cyrus

An outfit break down.

Just when we thought that nothing Miley Cyrus could wear (or not wear) would shock us, the 22-year-old pulled a fast one and showed up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in a — gasp — covered-up and completely appropriate ensemble. Her head-to-toe yellow Miu Miu outfit was even, dare we say, a little on the conservative side, with a long-sleeve, buttoned-to-the-top blouse (which also featured a bosom-concealing ruffle) and a lace veil.


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Okay, yes, she was wearing a patent faux-croc mini-skirt, too, but overall, the lack of skin after her overexposure at the MTV VMAs was almost distracting. Overall, the look was perfect for an evening of deep conversations with Jimmy Fallon on topics like her "highly intelligent blowfish" and Leonardo DiCaprio's poor vape etiquette. (Note: Always pass Miley the vape. Always.)

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The "Karen Don't Be Sad" singer, who is hosting SNL's season opener this weekend, finished off the look with rather ostentatious accessories, including mustard yellow pumps and a Chipotle burrito-sized heart-shaped ring. Fallon, who was tasked with conveying fake politesse during a riveting round of "Emotional Interview," described the unusual piece of jewelry best when he said what we were all sarcastically thinking: "I like your ring, your ring is so subtle." (Again, his words, not ours). 

As for beauty, Cyrus kept it rather simple, opting for her long, blond, dreadlocked ponytail (an excellent complement to the bunny-eared veil), and a simple daisy flower jewel on her left eye. 

See the full look in action below.