Miley Cyrus Punks Out at VHI Divas Concert (Poll)

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After emulating (stealing?) Pink's style, the former country singer is now mimicking Billy Idol. Is Sid Vicious next?

The good news is that Miley Cyrus has moved on from mimicking rocker Pink, in particular her bleached mohawk at the 2012 MTV VMAs.  The bad news is that she’s now channeling another platinum-haired singer, Billy Idol.

At last night’s VHI Divas concert, she dressed like the 1980s-era pop-punk rocker as she performed his classic song “Rebel Yell.”

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Her platinum shorn head certainly lent itself to the overall look, which included a leather spiked jacket and pants and a bare toned midriff. And she even grabbed her crotch and breasts for good measure during her spirited performance. She also crowd-surfed to complete the 80s flashback.

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Fashion-wise, Cyrus fared better on the arrivals carpet , wearing a long black skintight turtleneck gown (by Omo Norma Kamali) with diamond-shaped slits all the way up the side.

American Idol alum Adam Lambert hosted the annual Divas event. And Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Jordin Sparks, Pitbull and Kelly Clarkson also performed. But with her wild ensembles and crotch antics, Cyrus definitely stole the lion's share of attention.

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Who'd have thought we'd miss the sweet country girl? And we're dreading the thought of who Miley will morph into next. Will it be Johnny Rotten, Alice Cooper, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone or Iggy Pop? Our money's on Joan Jett. All she needs is some black hair dye.

What do you think of Cyrus's punk phase?

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