Military boosts Ille-de-France filming


PARIS -- The Ile-de-France Film Commission is teaming with the French Ministry of Defense to promote filming in the region.

Head of the Ministry of Defense's Information and Communication unit, known as the DICoD, Jean-Francois Bureau was joined by Ile-de-France Film Commission director Olivier-Rene Veillon late Wednesday in presenting the new joint initiative to a group of producers, filmmakers and journalists at the Vallieres Amphitheater at Paris' Ecole-Militaire.

The DICoD, the delegation for the information and communication of the Defense Ministry, was created in 1988 to act as an interface between the Ministry of Defense and national media and seek out "the diversity of all possible collaborations between producers, directors and the Ministry of Defense," according to the ministry.

The DICoD has financed a number of recent French films, including the Oscar nominated "Days of Glory" and "A Very Long Engagement" in addition to "Sky Fighters," "Les Fragments D'Antonin" and a variety of French TV dramas, documentaries and news programs.

In addition to financial support, the DICoD offers the use of its resources (base camps, barracks, fields) and provides script consultations to ensure realism in terms of national customs, vocabulary and attire.

The ministry does not, however, allow producers to use its army's modern uniforms or permit its personnel to serve as extras or actors in the films. The Ministry of Defense hopes to attract producers to its myriad locations in France, notably in the Ile-de-France, including the Ecole Militaire, the Invalides, the Deportation Memorial and about 30 spots in the Versailles region.