'Million Dollar Decorator' Star Kathryn Ireland Stars in Racy Ad Campaign


The interior designer, star of Bravo's high-end design show, bares some skin and imitates the famed painting "La Grande Odalisque" to launch her collection for fabric house Scalamandre.

L.A.-based interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland -- one of the stars of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators and one of The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Influential Designers in Hollywood -- has launched a collection for iconic fabric house Scalamandre by starring in a revealing new ad inspired by the famed 1814 oil painting La Grande Odalisque, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

In the new campaign, Ireland cheekily reclines on a fainting couch wrapped in a semi-gauzy white sheet wearing a mini-turban. Her shoulders and back are on as much display as her colorful, richly patterned fabric.

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The idea, admits Ireland, came from Scalamandre president Steven Stolman. “I have to completely give it to Steven. When he called me to take my clothes off for the ad, I immediately thought they wanted me in a bikini,” Ireland jokes. “I have a new respect for models, having spent many hours with my head turned to one side.”

Ireland calls the collection -- available at all Scalamandre showrooms and Ireland's flagship store at 636 N. Almont Drive in West Hollywood, Calif. -- well-rounded. "I liked it to be a mixture of print and woven. I used my style, which is very usable, comfortable and colorful textile to integrate into what Scalamandre already has,” says Ireland, whose clients have included Steve Martin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Mamet.

So what’s next for the powerhouse designer? Perhaps doing a line of clothes a la interior and now fashion designer Kelly Wearstler. “I’d love to do dresses," she says. "I’d like to keep it very simple, and I think I’d do casual everyday dresses. It’s something that I would not rule out, so if anyone is out there, anyone in the fashion world, I’d be more than happy to give them a talk and a line of dresses.”

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