'Millionaire' Judge Awards Celador $50 Million More

Brings total damages to about $320 million

The Walt Disney Co. just took another hit in the "Who Wants to Be a MIllionaire" case.

Months after losing a high-profile $270 million jury verdict to "Millionaire" producer Celador over profits from the hit show, Judge Virginia A. Phillips has now awarded an additional $50 million in pre-judgment interest. That brings the total damages to about $320 million.

Disney actually agreed to the $50 million number. California law provides for a 10% rate on prejudgment interest, which, going back as many as six years, could have amounted to more than triple the $50 million if Judge Phillips were to calculate it on her own. If the judgment gets overturned, the prejudgment interested would be reduced, of course, but Disney has agreed not to challenge the $50 million number.