Millionaire Matchmaker Has Been 'Setting Up' Sumner Redstone 'For Years'

Sumner Redstone - 2010
Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Patti Stanger tried to send the 87-year-old on a date with former publishing exec Judith Regan, she says.

Viacom head Sumner Redstone is quite the ladies man, according to Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger.

Former publishing exec Judith Regan, 57, says Stanger attempted to set her up with the 87-year-old media mogul on her Bravo reality show.

"She pulls me aside and says, ‘This is for TV, blah blah blah, but I actually have the perfect guy for you.’ I’d just finished telling her that what I want more than anything in a man is wit," Regan tells The Daily Beast.

"She leans over and says, ‘This one will love you. You are sooo his type. I’ve been setting him up for years. He is just the most perfect guy, and he buys all of his women the best lingerie. You’re sooo gonna love him. And his name is Sumner Redstone!" Regan goes on.

“This is the perfect man for me, according to Patti Stanger,” Regan adds. “She has a vivid imagination. And she lives in a fantasy world -- it’s a beautiful fantasy world. And then she says to me, ‘Much better than Rupert Murdoch!"

Regan was famously ousted from her ReganBooks imprint at News Corp. owned HarperCollins in 2006.