It Took Milo Ventimiglia Just 20 Minutes To Get Groomed for the Emmys

Milo Ventimiglia - 2017 Emmys - Getty - H 2017
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His one-woman glam squad shares secrets for readying the ‘This Is Us’ star’s great skin and thick hair — quickly.

Talk about no fuss: Celebrity groomer Barbara Guillaume says it took her “maybe 20 minutes” to do This Is Us star and Emmy nominee Milo Ventimiglia’s hair, skincare and makeup for the big night. “He’s really fast. Guys are quicker, and Milo has great skin and great hair,” she adds of the star who wore a sharp Ralph Lauren tuxedo to the ceremony.

It didn’t hurt that she wasn’t able to change anything about the hair on his head or face, due to him filming the popular show right now. So, she says, “We kept it really simple, just pulled it back off his face,” Guillaume says, adding she used MoroccanOil — a favorite product of the actor — on his very thick damp hair before blow-drying it and setting it with Oribe hairspray. “He looks like such a gentleman. James Bond its he perfect example to me — that’s the look we went for with Milo. Groomed, but still effortless.”

As for the actor’s minimal facial hair, it’s what Guillaume calls one-day growth and she believes adds to his masculine Bond-inspired look. “It’s really going back to old-school, nicely groomed, put together,” she says. “It’s nice to see men being groomed again, no messy hair, no full beards. It’s an awards ceremony and it’s nice to see men getting themselves together again, and still being masculine but gentlemanly. It’s very attractive to the eye—it’s beautiful,” she says.

And only enhancing his secure masculinity, Ventimiglia isn’t one of those guys who won’t cop to wearing makeup, minimal as it is. “He has great skin, but we wanted to give him a healthy glow. I always use the Tom Ford gel bronzer on him, and cover a couple of imperfections and redness around the nose with concealer (by IT Cosmetics),” she says. Coincidentally they watched football as she prepped Ventimiglia. Before leaving, Guillaume used Laura Mercier’s Secret Finish Mattifying Gel on his T-zone to keep the shine away.